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Brian Taylor

  1. trailer mix
    You Can Own a Hunk of Christopher Meloni (on Film) With His New NFT ShortThe Law & Order: Organized Crime star teamed with director Brian Taylor for Out!!!
  2. adaptations
    Brave New World TV Show in the Works at SyfyA Grant Morrison comic is also in development for adaptation.
  3. big number twos
    Nicolas Cage to Light Head on Fire AgainHe’ll return for a second ‘Ghost Rider’ movie.
  4. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Kidman, Owen, CagePlus: Simon Baker and Paul Bettany join ‘Margin Call.’
  5. trailer mix
    Gamer Trailer Makes Us Nervous About the Future of Video GamesWe love Neveldine/Taylor, but this doesn’t look to be much of an improvement on ‘The Running Man.’
  6. insanity
    Crank 2 Promises to Raise the Bar for Action-Film InsanityIf only there were some D-Box seats here on the East Coast!
  7. countdown
    Epic ‘Crank 2’ Required More Footage Than ‘Titanic’Thankfully, it seems like no expense has been spared to make ‘Crank 2’ even more awefulsome than its predecessor.