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  1. Rich Brian Wants to Do EverythingThe Jakarta rapper and producer discusses his album Amen, The Raid films, working with Pharrell, the time his dad had a Molotov cocktail, and more.
  2. Brian Came Back to Life on ‘Family Guy’ Last NightThe Brian saga is finally over. After getting hit by a car and killed, probably not being dead, and being rumored to come back on the show, the […]
  3. reincarnation
    Sunday’s Family Guy Featured a Holiday MiracleGrab your monocle before it falls into your coffee!
  4. reincarnation
    Brian Is Coming Back to Family Guy, It SeemsThing no one believed to be real, turned out not to be real.
  5. death in the family
    Family Guy’s Brian Might Not Stay DeadNo way!
  6. Brian Griffin’s Probably Not Really DeadOn Sunday night’s episode of Family Guy, it appeared that the Griffins’ dog Brian had bitten the dust after being hit by a car. But […]
  7. ‘Family Guy’ Killed Off Brian Last NightOn last night’s episode of Family Guy, the Griffin’s dog and smartest member of the family Brian was struck by a car and killed off. Brian, who […]
  8. obits
    Family Guy Killed Off a Main CharacterSpoiler alert.