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  1. the movements
    With Retreat, The OA Creators Are Taking a Movement to FXAnother Earth? More like Another Network.
  2. #savetheoa
    Shonda Rhimes, Welcome to the #SavetheOA MovementRhimes tweeted that she thought her anger at Netflix would have subsided by now. “But … not so much.”
  3. rip
    The OA Will Not Get a Movie in This UniverseA movie sequel is not in the cards.
  4. sad octopus
    Netflix Cancels The OA and Your Dreams of Seeing the Octopus AgainWe’ll always have The Movements.
  5. fashion du jour
    How The OA: Part II Turned Brit Marling into a Glam Russian HeiressWe talked to the stylists who turned low-key Prairie Johnson into high-key Nina Azarova.
  6. spoilers
    24 Very Important Questions About The OA: Part IIWhat happens at the very end of the season? Who is “Brit Marling,” really? And what’s with the horny octopus?
  7. tv review
    The OA Part II is a Glorious, Ridiculous Mind-benderYou’ll either love it or you’ll hate it. Unless you’re just totally confused by it.
  8. trailer mix
    The OA Season 2 Trailer Brings Brit Marling to Alternate-Universe San FranciscoReturning March 22.
  9. the subsequent angel
    Brit Marling Says The OA’s Second Season Starts Filming in January[Excited interpretive-spider-hand-dance movement.]
  10. harvey weinstein
    Brit Marling Calls Out Hollywood’s ‘Soft and Sometimes Literal’ Sex TraffickingThe actress, writer, and producer also shares her own Harvey Weinstein encounter.
  11. Brit Marling’s First Paid Acting Job Was Kissing Gillian JacobsThe stars of the The OA and Love talk about their early roles on Community and Hollywood’s gender divide.
  12. vulture festival 2017
    Brit Marling’s First Ghost Story Had Everyone at Her Sleepaway Camp SpookedThe camp sent her home early because her story scared everyone in the cabin.
  13. dancercise
    Blake Lively Spends Her Time Practicing the Movements From The OABut which movement is her favorite?
  14. exclusive
    Netflix Renews The OA for a Second SeasonBut what movements will we learn in Part 2?
  15. facebook live
    Join Us for a Live Talk With The OA’s Brit MarlingMeet The OA creator and star at 10:15 a.m. today.
  16. tv
    Brit Marling’s Impossible DreamHer ethereal series The OA is the year’s first sleeper hit. Which is funny, given that a few years ago, it likely never would have gotten made.
  17. Brit Marling’s Impossible DreamHer ethereal series The OA is the year’s first sleeper hit. Which is funny, given that a few years ago, it likely never would have gotten made.
  18. chat room
    Sharon Van Etten on The OA and Twin Peaks“I’m just this sad character lying in the corner. I’m singing the really sad songs.”
  19. chat room
    Brit Marling on The OA, Netflix’s Surprise Show About Dying“Death is on all of our minds all the time, really. That’s the way everybody’s story ends.”
  20. trailer mix
    The OA Trailer: Netflix’s New Show Looks Exceedingly EerieThe OA will be available to stream this Friday.
  21. movie review
    The Keeping Room: A Stirring Survivalist TaleWith rousing performances by Brit Marling and Hailee Steinfeld.
  22. chat room
    Brit Marling, Hailee Steinfeld on Keeping RoomThat’s how Southerners used to sound? Huh.
  23. tv review
    Sundance’s Babylon Is As Pleasurable As a Serious Show Can BeStarring Brit Marling.
  24. encounter
    Talking Gluten-Free Living, and Other Cults, With Brit MarlingThe I Origins star plays smart in just about all her roles.
  25. tv
    SundanceTV Adds New Series From Director Danny BoyleA workplace satire set inside the London police force.
  26. movie review
    Movie Review: The EastThis indie thriller, about an ecoterrorist outfit, stars Brit Marling and Alexander Skarsgard.
  27. vulture video
    Exclusive: Watch the First Clip From the New Spy Thriller The EastThe Fox Searchlight release stars Brit Marling and Patricia Clarkson.
  28. exclusive
    See Richard Gere in an Exclusive Arbitrage ClipThings get positively nuclear between them.
  29. trailer mix
    Arbitrage Trailer: Sex, Money, and Murder for Richard GereIn one of his most acclaimed performances in years.
  30. contests
    Win Free Tickets to Sound of My VoiceIt’s the cult thriller starring Brit Marling.
  31. chat room
    Brit Marling on Sound of My Voice and Handshakes“Five days into shooting, we thought, Oh my God, we forgot to come up with the secret handshake.”
  32. trailer mix
    Sound of My Voice Trailer: Cult Movie Hopes to Be Cult HitStarring Sundance darling Brit Marling.
  33. movies
    Watch the First Twelve Minutes of Sundance Sleeper Sound of My VoiceIt’s an unsettling cult thriller starring Brit Marling.
  34. movie review
    Movie Reviews: The Myth of the American Sleepover and Another EarthMaybe in another dimension, Cahill nailed it, but not here.
  35. trailer mix
    Another Earth Trailer: Meet Sundance Success Story Brit MarlingShe also stars in ‘Sound of My Voice,’ which was just picked up.