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British Accents

  1. sorryyyyyyyy
    Dick Van Dyke Wants to Apologize for His ‘Atrocious’ Mary Poppins Cockney AccentSuper‐cali‐fragil‐istic‐expi‐apology‐docious.
  2. british accents
    Lin-Manuel Miranda Consulted Meryl Streep on British AccentsThey discussed the finer points of nailing different British accents.
  3. british accents
    You’ve Not Lived Until You’ve Heard Minnie Driver Say ‘Mazda’It’s very nice.
  4. video
    Watch Ben and Kate’s Perfect Tour of British AccentsAs hilariously performed by Lucy Punch’s BJ.
  5. Jon Benjamin Is America’s (or England’s?) Worst Father, Maybe In the above video, Jon Benjamin explains that he has been speaking to his son only in a British accent since he was four months old. His son […]