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Bruce Norris

  1. theater review
    Downstate, at the Limits of EmpathyIn Bruce Norris’s play about registered sex offenders, the characters are humanized but not quite forgiven.
  2. theater review
    Theater Review: In The Low Road, Adam Smith Envisions Pizza HutInspired by Paul Ryan’s rise in the 2012 presidential race, The Low Road is full of articulate fury, and articulate villainy.
  3. Theater Review: A Parallelogram Is a Theatrical Black MirrorA sci-fi framework for a realist story.
  4. theater
    Theater Review: Group Sex Is Anything But Easy in The QualmsThere are titters, but not for long.
  5. stage dive
    Theater Review: Domesticated“Part of what’s hilarious about Domesticated is the way the playwright not only goes there, but stacks the deck on arrival.”
  6. theater review
    Theater Review: Clybourne Park Is a Mighty Racial Cage MatchAbandon all pieties, ye preening progressives (white or black) who enter here.
  7. HBO’s The Corrections Loses a SonDon’t worry, Ewan is still onboard.