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Bts Army

  1. next chapter
    BTS Stays Booked and BusyAs ARMYs suspected, that mystery best seller is a BTS book (not a Taylor Swift memoir).
  2. bts n double o p
    Benny Blanco Hoards BTS Merch in the ‘Bad Decisions’ VideoHis new collab with Jin, V, Jung Kook, Jimin, and Snoop Dogg,
  3. my music video is dropping
    BTS Doesn’t Need to Wait for ‘Permission to Dance’ in New Music VideoFeaturing lots of cowboy attire.
  4. 2021 bbmas
    BTS Is the Definition of Smooth at the BBMAs With Debut ‘Butter’ PerformanceAfter winning four awards tonight.
  5. extremely online
    BTS Army Matched the Band’s $1 Million Donation to Black Lives MatterPurses open!
  6. last night on late night
    John Cena Is a Proud Member of the BTS ArmyHe even has a bias.
  7. k pop
    BTS Is Back With New Album Map of the Soul: 7Its first single and “art film” is out next week.
  8. when stans attack
    The BTS Army Is Ready to Spill Blood Over a New Profile of the Band“Man, what did BTS do to you?”
  9. new release
    Charli XCX and BTS Just Dropped the Collab We Didn’t Know We NeededSpecifically, the three J’s: Jimin, Jin, and Jungkook
  10. bts
    BTS Addresses the United Nations, Solves World PeaceWhat can’t they do?