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  1. thank god you’re here
    That Official Bob’s Burgers Cookbook Is Looking Pretty TastyYou can check out the cover and preorder it now.
  2. viral videos
    Watch a Burger Get Shot Into SpaceWeird (delicious) science!
  3. clickables
    Read Dean Martin’s Foolproof Burger RecipeThe original Ron Swanson.
  4. Nick Offerman Weeps Over the Ron Swanson Turkey BurgerGiven the level of adoration the Ron Swanson Turkey Burger has earned during it’s short time on Earth, it only makes sense that when the A.V. […]
  5. The Ron Swanson Burger: A RecipeOn last week’s Parks and Rec, when Ron Swanson was asked whether or not he’s ever had a turkey burger, he responded with “Is that a fried […]