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  1. role call
    William H. Macy Answers Every Question We Have About Boogie NightsOn his visit to a porn set, Burt Reynolds’s “clueless” attitude, and making Paul Thomas Anderson laugh — and smell — during that killer shot.
  2. vulture lists
    Spaghetti Expats: 9 Hollywood Actors Who Went ItalianLeonardo DiCaprio’s Rick Dalton is part of a long tradition of floundering ’60s actors looking for Italian salvation.
  3. interviews
    Peter Bogdanovich’s Complex Relationships with Orson Welles and Burt Reynolds“I liked Burt, but he was a bit of a shit. He blew with the wind.”
  4. casting
    Bruce Dern Takes Over for Burt Reynolds in Once Upon a Time in HollywoodReynolds was expected to play George Spahn.
  5. burt reynolds
    Burt Reynolds’s Director on His Final Role in The Last Movie Star“He was more famous than any movie star one can think of today. He didn’t take being famous seriously.”
  6. sex symbols
    Facebook Apologizes for Taking Down Your Burt Reynolds NudesThey were wrong to pull your pics of his 1972 Cosmopolitan centerfold, and they’re sorry.
  7. appreciations
    Why Burt Reynolds Was Such a Compelling Sex SymbolNo film better synthesizes his appeal than Boogie Nights.
  8. burt reynolds
    Burt Reynolds’s Most Essential Film RolesWe look at the ups of an up-and-down career that capture what made Reynolds such a singular presence.
  9. obituaries
    Burt Reynolds’s Rare, Ramshackle HonestySomething honest always came through from Reynolds — like he’d let all of us in on a secret.
  10. burt reynolds
    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Scenes With Burt Reynolds Had Not Yet Been ShotHe was reportedly lined up to play George Spahn.
  11. burt reynolds
    Hollywood Reacts to the Death of Burt Reynolds“I owe my career, at least in part, to the great Burt Reynolds.”
  12. rip
    Burt Reynolds, 1970s Leading Man, Dies at 82Reynolds starred in Deliverance, Smokey and the Bandit, and Boogie Nights.
  13. The Last Movie Star Is a Banal Burt Reynolds VehicleBut for all my groaning during the film, I couldn’t help being haunted.
  14. i’m a star i’m a star
    Burt Reynolds Didn’t Love Acting for PT AndersonReynolds received an Oscar nomination for his performance in the film.
  15. Burt Reynolds Gives Stephen Colbert Some Late Night Hosting AdviceHere’s a clip from the one and only Burt Reynolds’s appearance on last night’s Late Show, where he tells Stephen Colbert about his relationship […]
  16. burt reynolds
    This Burt Reynolds Tribute Is Weirdly HypnoticDon’t try to make sense of it, just take it in.
  17. fantasy casting
    Ten Action Stars Who Should Be in The Expendables 3Including a lady!
  18. Burt Reynolds Is Still Burt ReynoldsThe man likes to flirt.
  19. casting
    Burt Reynolds Is Bringing His ’Stache to ArcherExpect the cartoon version to be just as impressive as the real thing.
  20. clickables
    Stream The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas for Free
  21. obits
    R.I.P. Dom DeLuise (1933–2009)The ‘Cannonball Run’ star was 75 years old.
  22. the industry
    Chris Rock to Attend ‘Funeral’Plus: Brett Ratner to direct movie. Wait, come back!
  23. the industry
    Julia Roberts No Longer a Steel Magnolia, Now a ‘Hothouse Flower’Plus: R.E.M.!
  24. countdown
    Uwe Boll’s ‘In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale’ Is the Movie of the YearTitle aside, the movie appears to contain neither a dungeon nor a siege.
  25. quote machine
    David Lee Roth, Cockeyed OptimistPlus: Dennis Hopper, William H. Macy, and Michael Chabon