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  1. scenes
    I Watched Generation Q With a Bar Full of Brooklyn’s Biggest L Word Fans“It’s The L Word, so even if it’s trash, I don’t care.”
  2. brooklyn
    Now That We Have Bushwick, Here Are 6 Other Brooklyn Thrillers We’d Like to SeeWhat would Williamsburg’s neighborhood thriller look like? What about Park Slope’s?
  3. Bushwick Is an Alarmingly Timely Thriller With a Shallow PlotThe real threat, it says, is from within, from white men in states like Texas and the Carolinas who view multiculturalism as the enemy.
  4. For the Art Collector With Only $10 …Like at an actual 99-cent store, nothing was actually on sale for less than a dollar, but yellow price stickers valued each piece at just $9.99.
  5. wavves
    Wavves Ditch Heavy Distortion and Public Meltdowns for a Maybe More Grown-up ActThe lo-fi pop-punk band has a clearer sound on a new album.