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But Make It Fashion

  1. midnight release
    Stream Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty Show NowIt’s a concert, and Rihanna’s there, but it’s not a Rihanna concert.
  2. but make it fashion
    Céline Dion Originally Thought the Met Gala’s Theme Was Literally About CampingHonestly, camping out with Céline Dion would probably be the best.
  3. the favourite
    Costume Designer Sandy Powell Talks Through 6 of The Favourite’s Best LooksThe three-time Oscar winner on blue-jeans corsets and some light bondage.
  4. but make it fashion
    Project Runway Announces New Blonde Supermodel As HostBut Nina’s not going anywhere.
  5. but make it fashion
    Send Up the White Smoke: These Were the Best Young Popes at the Met GalaRihanna wins. Again.