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  1. buzz
    Jason Statham’s Latest Thriller Will Be About, Uh, Bees?The Bee Keeper will reportedly “have fans sitting on the edge of their seats.”
  2. buzz
    Finally, Here’s the Top 1,000 Comedians of 2015Better buzz next year, Rich Vos.
  3. 24 Thinkpieces About GirlsHow big a bonus does the HBO marketing department deserve? Let me count the thinkpieces (an incomplete list — interviews are not counted […]
  4. your highness
    Your Highness Will, in Fact, Be a Stoner Comedy “It looks to be something like ‘The Princess Bride’ after a couple of harsh tokes.”
  5. buzz
    Raise Expectations: Inception Reviews Are InWe hope there is some place to go other than down.