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Calvin Klein

  1. Let’s Decode Frank Ocean’s Calvin Klein AdWhat, exactly, has he been doing in those Calvins, hmmm?
  2. Frank Ocean Tapped for New Calvin Klein CampaignSo this is what Ocean’s been doing instead of releasing his album.
  3. A Night of Boating for Creative Time, Alongside Artists and Bush Family MembersWhat else is there to do but put on couture and drink in the park?
  4. saturday night live
    Justin Bieber on Saturday Night Live Parody: ‘Lol.’Even the Biebs loves Kate McKinnon.
  5. photoshop woes
    Justin Bieber Threatens Lawsuit Over Photoshop AllegationsAll right, bro.
  6. wwmmd
    Kellan Lutz Asks, ‘What Would Marky Mark Do?’ and Then Ignores the AnswerThe answer being, do not demand obscene amounts of money you don’t deserve.
  7. party lines
    Chung, Costa, & Fabiola at CK’s Saks Store LaunchYeah, we would, too.
  8. basel blog
    Art Basel Miami Kicks Off With Corporate Sponsors, Lenny Kravitz“Here we go again!” Sam Keller, impresario of Art Basel Miami, cries out to a friend on a Miami street late last night. And, as if on cue, the double doors of a giant geodesic dome swing open over his shoulder to reveal millions of dollars’ worth of glittering jewels.
  9. quote machine
    John Mayer Displays an Incredible Self-AwarenessPlus: Quotes from Lupe Fiasco and Mindy Kaling!
  10. apropos of nothing
    Mariah Carey Startled by Indie-Rock Fan Base
  11. the industry
    Alec Baldwin Wants Out of ‘30 Rock,’ America