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Cannes 2010

  1. cannes 2010
    A Look at the Cannes WinnersThis year’s Cannes Film Festival was relatively small-scale and restrained.
  2. cannes 2010
    Uncle Boonmee Wins Palme d’OrAnd Cannes is over.
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    Sean Penn’s Fair Game Is Unlikely to Conquer CannesBased on the Valerie Plame affair, the movie underwhelms this viewer.
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    At Cannes Star-Studded amfAR FundraiserIn a festival of star wattage, this event is always the wattage-iest
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    Juliette Binoche at Cannes, With a CauseHer Iranian film gives her a platform to speak out for her Iranian director friend, now under house arrest.
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    Cannes: Harvey Kicks of the 2011 Oscar CampaignMichelle Williams: “I wanted my daughter to sleep with me since we’re away from home. Then she kicked me in the face.”
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    Cannes: Sony Pictures Classics Takes Leigh’s Another YearThe film, about a happy married couple visited by miserable friends, is the odds-on favorite for this year’s Palme d’Or.
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    Cannes Report: Iñárritu Talks Up Bardem for Oscar’s First Spanish-Language Best ActorThe actor gives an extraordinary performance in ‘Biutiful.’
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    Even the Subtitles Are Inscrutably Avant-Garde in Godard’s Cannes FilmThe subtitles are really more like keyword tags to a blog post.
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    Charles Ferguson, Director of the Financial-Meltdown Doc Inside JobThe director talks about why his documentary is necessary, playing cat and mouse with interviewees, and how angry Matt Damon is at Obama.
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    Ten Lessons From the Cannes Film FestivalHow the louche movie scene parties.
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    Cannes Snapshot: The Secret Film Industry Moral of Robin HoodA ‘hard-drinking, red-faced’ British producer’s take.
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    B-Movies For Sale at Cannes!Cannes is not all tuxedoed paparazzi on mopeds, there’s also a massive B-movie market.
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    Rating Mike Leigh’s New Film on the Miserable IndexWe rank his body of work, from “Downright chipper!” to “Just kill us now.”
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    Damon Narrates a Ferocious Cannes DocOur take on the excoriating financial-services takedown ‘Inside Job,’ as well as foreign films ‘Aurora’ and ‘Rubber.’
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    Wall Street: A Merry Attack on the Banking IndustryWe’ve seen the movie, and it’s a doozy.
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    Cannes Roundup: Mixed Reviews for Wall Street 2, Crappy Tweets for Nakata’s ChatroomAre you ready for this year’s ‘Che’?
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    Cannes Reviews: Robin Hood, 2 Great Foreign FilmsDavid Edelstein and Logan Hill weigh in.
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    Kate Beckinsale Learns the Life of a Cannes JurorAlso: She recalls her first time at Cannes, when she “wore steel-toe-capped Dr. Martens on the red carpet.”
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    Cannes Roundup: A Lukewarm Reception for Robin Hood, Lindsay Lohan’s Porno Movie Finds a DistributorPlus: You won’t believe what Jeffrey Wells found in a French bathroom stall.
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    Oliver Stone on the Cannes Premiere of Wall Street 2Also: Congrats to him for giving Michael Douglas his first poor-person role!
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    Auteur Jean-Claude Van Damme Talks Kickboxing at CannesHe’s getting in the ring again for a reality show. Really, no surprise there.
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    Four Questions That Will Define Cannes DealmakingA shaky economy makes for an unpredictable film market.
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    Ryan Gosling at Cannes on Blue ValentineThe actor talks about spending a month in a run-down house with Michelle Williams, getting filmed while puking, and how he’d be a horrible action star.
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    Russell Crowe: Tea-Bagger, No, Press-Basher, Yes.Even though Robin Hood’s no-taxation stance is similar to that of a certain emerging political party, Crowe would like you to know that his Hood is no tea-bagger.
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    The 2010 Cannes Film Festival in Movie PostersJudge a ___ by its ___.
  27. funny money
    Robin Hood Even Pricier Than ThoughtStill just as likely to lose money.
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    Weinsteins’ Miramax Deal to Be Announced at Cannes?According to Deadline’s Nikki Finke and Mike Fleming, the Weinstein brothers’ Ron Burkle–backed deal to retake the Miramax name and library back from Disney is complete.
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    Banderas and Brolin Both Playing Woody Allen?We guess this is what happens when you withhold full copies of the script from your actors.
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    Cannes Lineup Unveiled: Biutiful, Fair Game, and No Tree of LifeSee the lineup!
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    Woody Allen: GrumpyHe’ll go to Cannes, but not for prizes, beach time, or, presumably, anything that involves the outdoors or talking to people.
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    Robin Hood to Open CannesRidley Scott’s Russel Crowe–starring ‘Robin Hood’ will have the prestigious-ish honor of serving as opening-night curtain raiser.