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  1. radio vulture
    Why Justin Bieber Owes Some of His Career Resurgence to Chris Brown’s FailingsMuch of the material Bieber has released since 2014 sounds a lot like songs more suited for Chris Brown.
  2. transformations
    The Robert Pattinson Career-Makeover PlaybookHow the teen idol reinvented himself as a character actor.
  3. career paths
    Allison Williams Says Her Generic Name Stopped Her From Being Greta Gerwig“I think if I’d used my middle name professionally — Howell Williams — I’d have a totally different career.”
  4. career paths
    Nobody Puts Michael B. Jordan in the Corner“I would love to play a psychopath.”
  5. career paths
    The Lone Ranger: Young Johnny Depp Would Hate Old Johnny DeppHave the rhythms of our once most unpredictable star now become routine?
  6. career paths
    Will Melissa McCarthy Be the Next Will Ferrell or the Next Jack Black?After the success of The Heat, what McCarthy can learn from the success of Ferrell and faltering of Black.