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  1. venom: let there be carnage
    Who Is Carnage?A Hannibal Lecter homage? An answer to Joker? A gooey relic of ’90s comics culture? The answer is a little of everything.
  2. carnage
    Oh Dear, Something ‘Bigger’ Than Death Is Coming to Modern FamilyThis family can’t catch a break.
  3. movie review
    Movie Review: Carnage, or No Exit for Anxious BreedersThe pleasure, such as it is, comes from anticipating the land mines and then gauging the scale of the devastation.
  4. trailer mix
    Carnage Trailer: Jodie Foster and Kate Winslet Play Family FeudJohn C. Reilly and Christoph Waltz also star in Roman Polanski’s new film.
  5. clickables
    See the International Emoticon Poster for Roman Polanski’s CarnageAwesome.
  6. nyff
    Roman Polansk’s Carnage Will Open NYFFPolanski’s back, everyone.