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  1. This Is What Makes Samurai Jack the Most Visually Audacious Show on TVVIDEO: “Remember David Carradine in Kung Fu?”
  2. There’s Never Been a Better Time to Revisit ‘Rocky and Bullwinkle’ I generally try not to timestamp these articles, because who knows? Someday somebody’s going to be searching for information about Woody […]
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    This Roast of the Hey Arnold! Credits Is SavageFootball head, explained.
  4. cartoon
    Watch a Short Community Christmas CartoonGuess which character barfs gifts, so the actor didn’t need to record voice-over?
  5. Here’s What a ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ Animated Series Would Look Like Calvin and Hobbes creator Bill Waterston has always been vehemently opposed to turning his beloved comic strip into an animated series - or […]
  6. This Monkey Has a Hat But No Bananas Or Improv AbilitiesIs there anything worse than bad improv? Nope. (In reality, sure, there are tons of things worse but for the purposes of this post, please […]
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    See Dave Eggers’s Cartoon Reportage of the World SeriesFor Game 1 at AT&T Park: Texas Rangers vs. the San Francisco Giants.