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Cat Deeley

  1. trailer mix
    The Joe Schmo Show Reboot Proves Gaslighting Is So in This YearWe’re gonna need a support group for victims of longform improv.
  2. that was quick
    Matthew Morrison Is No Longer Judging So You Think You Can DanceBecause he “did not follow competition production protocols,” whatever that means.
  3. just dance
    Three Performances of ‘Get Happy’ That Will Make You Forget Katie Holmes’s RenditionMichael Jackson! Rufus Wainwright! Leland Palmer?!?
  4. debuts
    It’s On With Alexa Chung Gets Off to a Bumpy StartIt was only day one of the show, so we expect they’ll get much better with time.
  5. overnights
    ‘So You Think You Can Dance’: Down With Tyce D’Orio!As the producers prodded the dancers to reveal the complex psyches behind their personas, we learned such scintillating facts as Lauren likes to pretend she’s Asian and Dominic thinks every foreign accent is French. Maybe this is the show’s way of reminding us that you can dislike the artist but still like the art.