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  1. Julie Klausner Is the Stanley Kubrick of Cat Videos Here’s a new Funny or Die video written by Julie Klausner, Alex Scordelis, and Jake Fogelnest in which Klausner plays Shula Von Hollow, the […]
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    And Now, a Fat Cat Who Can’t Escape the BathtubCharmingly chunky!
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    Watch Kittens Watch TennisPlay, set, match, aww!
  4. Which Is Cuter: A Pug With a Prosthetic Leg or Kittens Learning Physics?Choose wisely.
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    Watch a Cat Sing the Star Wars ThemeWatch your back, Game of Thrones cat.
  6. The Cat Who Sits Upright Is Still Sitting Upright, Now on a Park BenchSomeone can’t get the guy a chair?
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    Meet a Cat Who Sits UprightWhat’s on your mind, little guy?
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    Watch ‘Cats in Space,’ Which Is Exactly What You Think It IsIt’s today’s pick of the litter.
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    Watch a Mashup of Famous Movie Scenes and … Cat VideosFYI, this is how we live now.