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Catherine Cohen

  1. live comedy
    Catherine Cohen Wants to Make You Come (to Her New Live Show)Come for Me is an “openly glamorous, decidedly horny musical exploration of what it means to enter your thirties as a woman online, in love.”
  2. collaboration
    Henry Koperski Waves Good-bye to Musical Comedy“If someone wants to write a big check for me to write more musical comedy I will, but it’s no longer something that comes from my heart.”
  3. best of 2022
    The Best Comedy Specials of 2022The year’s best releases had some urgency behind their existence: capturing this thing at this moment.
  4. comedy review
    Catherine Cohen’s Destabilizing TwistThe ground is always slipping around underneath Cohen’s Netflix special, playing with which emotions are real and which aren’t.
  5. trailer mix
    Catherine Cohen’s Netflix Comedy Special Trailer … ? Is Gorgeous.Boys never wanted to kiss her. You won’t believe what happened next!
  6. look at me
    The Twist …? Catherine Cohen Has a Netflix Comedy Special.The Twist …? She’s Gorgeous. famously premieres on March 15.
  7. book excerpt
    ‘I Miss the Simple Things’Quarantine poems from Catherine Cohen.
  8. instagram
    Catherine Cohen’s Glamorous Form of Instagram Comedy“I’m addicted to attention, and I can’t stop, even when the government tells me to.”
  9. last night on late night
    Please Look at Catherine Cohen Sing on Late Night With Seth MeyersHer late-night debut.
  10. Julio Torres and Ana Fabrega Overcome Their Fear of Watching Their Own WorkJulio Torres and Ana Fabrega, the co-creators of HBO’s Los Espookys, sat down with Vulture at Clusterfest to discuss some of their past roles.
  11. stand-up
    Go Ahead, Post These Comedians’ Sets on InstagramIt’s common for A-list comics to lock up fans’ phones — but many up-and-comers see the benefits of being recorded.
  12. good one podcast
    Catherine Cohen, a DreamOn this week’s Good One podcast bonus episode, Catherine Cohen talks about a dream she had that freaked her out so much she had to sing about it.
  13. follow friday
    Follow Catherine Cohen While You’re Young!If you don’t follow her yet, you’re in for a treat.
  14. Catherine Cohen (@catccohen) on Exhaustion, Facebook, and JeansCatherine Cohen is a comedian/ voiceover artist living in Brooklyn. She performs on a house team at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and […]