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  1. movies
    Elton John Criticizes Vatican for Same-Sex Marriage Stance, Funding RocketmanA 2019 investigation uncovered an alleged multimillion-dollar contribution to the film.
  2. movies
    The 8 Most Catholic-School Things About Lady BirdThe stereotypes about Catholic school — strict nuns, pleated skirts — are usually true, but Lady Bird treats them lovingly.
  3. close reads
    Silence’s Theological Adviser on the Movie’s Controversial Ending“This isn’t the fake spirituality of ‘If you believe in God, everything turns out great.’”
  4. explainers
    So, How, Exactly, Is the Pope Chosen? A Young Pope Primer#SmokeWatch.
  5. the vatican
    Pope Invites Oprah, Damon, Geffen to VaticanFor a meeting about the Catholic Church’s portrayal in Hollywood.
  6. Watch Stephen Colbert Talk Comedy and Catholicism with Father James MartinAmerica’s favorite Catholic Stephen Colbert was recently interviewed by Father James Martin for weekly Catholic magazine America, and Colbert […]
  7. Cameron Esposito Interviews Her Dad About Catholicism and Coming OutThe A.V. Club published a new installment of standup Cameron Esposito’s ongoing column “Who in the World Is Cameron Esposito?” today, and this […]
  8. The Catholic League Is Cautiously Hopeful About ‘Black Jesus’“If the goal is to lure young people to take a closer look at Jesus, the Son of God, that is noble… But if so, it is not a good sociological […]
  9. Stephen Colbert Made Some Great Catholic Jokes Last NightFamous Catholic Stephen Colbert gave the keynote at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner last night, a notorious white-tie charity […]