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Celebrity Pets

  1. rodeo rick
    Rick Ross’s Personal Herd of Buffalo Has Overtaken Georgia PoliceIf Rick Ross’s buffalo eat your lawn, say, “Thank you, Rick Ross’s buffaloes!”
  2. last night on late night
    Jack Whitehall Shares a Manscaper With His CavapooThe Clifford the Big Red Dog star found a small red pube.
  3. 30-50 feral hogs
    Jason Momoa Posted His (Pet) Hog on InstagramMomoa says his new pet is “all Hawaiian, all feral.”
  4. paw patrol
    Paws Up! Suspect in Lady Gaga’s Dog-Walker Shooting Has Been Caught … AgainJames Howard Jackson is back in the doghouse.
  5. nevermore
    Nicolas Cage’s Pet Crow Thinks He’s an ‘Ass’But he likes “the goth element.”
  6. princess
    Professional Mermaid Halle Bailey Adopted a Cat Named PoseidonNew celebrity pet dropped!
  7. tiger news
    Dakota Johnson Says Grandma Tippi Hedren Still Lives With, Oh, 13 or 14 Big CatsShe used to have around sixty, but a baker’s dozen is much more manageable.
  8. 11 Other Crazy Celebrity-Pet StoriesDrew Barrymore scattered her dog’s ashes in India, Tarantino sued over macaws, Miley Cyrus wrote a song for her dead blowfish.
  9. last night on late night
    But Seriously, When Will Cheryl Hines’s Emu Die?The Secret Life of Giant Flightless Birds.