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  1. quotables
    The Most Jack White Things Happening in This Jack White Profile“My role in my own brain is to not go along with the status quo, ever.”
  2. celebrity profiles
    Are You Ready for Charlie Puth, Musical Bad Boy?In a new Billboard cover story, the singer is ready to show the world the real him — talking toilets and all.
  3. shade
    The 6 Shadiest Moments of the New York Times’ Darren Criss Profile“The bleeding idealist in me always likes to think that there are more things in common between all of us than there aren’t.”
  4. celebrity profiles
    9 Bizarre Things Terrence Howard Told Rolling Stone“This is the last century that our children will ever have been taught that one times one is one.”
  5. celebrity profiles
    T. Noah Admits His Old Twitter Jokes Were StupidPlus, four other gems from his recent GQ profile!
  6. celebrity profiles
    How to Fawn Over True Detective’s Nic Pizzolatto“When I was a boy and dreamed of literature, this is how I imagined a writer.”
  7. candid moments
    Viola Davis Gets Real About Race in HollywoodIn a New York Times Magazine profile.
  8. celebrity profiles
    Hanging Out With OITNB’s Uzo Aduba“I could be Suzanne.”
  9. celebrity profiles
    Frank Ocean Talks About His Novel and Studio PostersAlso, BMWs. He loves BMWs.
  10. celebrity profiles
    Ten Things We Learned From The New Yorker’s Ben Stiller ProfileAnd other things we learned from The New Yorker.
  11. celebrity profiles
    The Ten Most Absurd Lines from Esquire’s Jon Hamm Profile“He is eagle poetry.”