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  1. celebrity rehab
    Shia LaBeouf Being Treated for Alcohol AddictionWe wish him well.
  2. reality tv
    Celebrity Rehab Sums Itself Up in Two Harrowing MinutesIt’s a side show! It’s therapy! It’s a really queasy combo of the two.
  3. gross
    Michael Lohan, Amy Fisher, Sean Young Will Be on Next Season of Celebrity RehabAlso, Doc Gooden!
  4. essay
    Why the Death of Celebrity Rehab Veteran Mike Starr Makes Laughing at Charlie Sheen HardA writer who observed the heroin-tortured musician during his ‘Rehab’ shoot sees there are predictable consistencies in the behavior of the addicted.
  5. tv
    Chocolate-Addicted Housewife Michaele Salahi Booted From Celebrity RehabThat is not a valid reason for rehab, apparently.
  6. talk
    Is Celebrity Rehab Less Therapeutic Than Ever?Famous talk-doctors just ain’t what they used to be.
  7. the industry
    Industy Roundup: The Nanny ReturnsTV Land has greenlighted “Happily Divorced,” written and executive produced by “The Nanny” co-creators, Fran Drescher and Peter Marc Jacobsen.
  8. small favors
    Celebrity Rehab Struggling to Find New AddictsIt located Tila Tequila, though.
  9. agenda
    VH1 Hits Reality Rock Bottom As Only It CouldOnly on VH1: On this excellently sleazy new show, Loveline’s Dr. Drew struggles to put eight beyond-washed-up celebrities on the straight and narrow.