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Celine Song

  1. movie review
    Past Lives Is Tasteful, Understated, and UnconvincingCeline Song’s directorial debut reaches for wistful romances but ends up just feeling calculated.
  2. profile
    Celine Song Is the One That Got AwayIn the director’s semi-autobiographical debut feature, Past Lives, there are two love interests and no easy choices.
  3. the vulture spot
    Greta Lee Couldn’t Touch Teo Yoo While Filming Past LivesCeline Song knows how to build the antici … pation.
  4. film festivities
    Sean Penn’s Ukraine Doc, Superpower, to Premiere at Berlinale 2023This year’s lineup includes Celine Song’s Past Lives (starring Greta Lee) and Matt Johnson’s BlackBerry (the phone).
  5. best of 2020
    The 10 Best Theater Moments of 2020Our favorite live, streamed, Zoomed, and Sims’d plays from Joshua William Gelb, Natalie Palamides, Eboni Booth, and more.