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    Stranger Things 3’s Actors Fought Against Steve and Robin Becoming a CoupleMaya Hawke said the show originally had a romantic endgame for the duo.
  2. ch ch ch changes
    Fox Wouldn’t Allow This Male Mindy Project Character to Be Effeminate or ‘Dorky’“Be a man, he has to be a man.”
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    Gilmore Girls’ Luke Was Originally Written As a Female Character[Record scratch.]
  4. juju chang
    Juju Chang Goes From Day to NightShe’s versatile like that.
  5. oprahpolis
    Oprah Really Interested in Chaz BonoSo interested she’s acquired the documentary ‘Becoming Chaz.’
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    ABC Rescuing Ugly Betty From Friday NightWednesday night is so much kinder.
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    ABC Moving Forward With Plans to De-Uglify BettyIn the show’s fourth season, Betty gets a glam makeover.