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    ‘This Was Simply How This Story Had to Go’Jesse Armstrong outlines his path to Succession’s final shot.
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    I Killed GodMaria Bamford’s eulogy for her beloved best friend.
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    ‘Can We Sing With You?’How a chance encounter at New York’s Peppermint Lounge birthed the Ronettes.
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    ‘Let’s Let the Squirrel Out of the Bag’On the Anchorman set, improv-comedy masters had the freedom to reimagine the film one line at a time.
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    In Video Games, There’s a Fine Line Between Difficulty and DisrespectFromSoftware’s miserable, massively popular titles complicate what it means to “enjoy” a game.
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    ‘I Gotta Go Explain to People What Emo Is’The punk subgenre wasn’t supposed to go mainstream. Then MTV met Dashboard Confessional.
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    A Harry Potter Fan’s Dilemma‘What role does shame play in this dynamic between fan and fallen artist?’
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    How Bret Hart Wrestled Back Into the StoryThe WWF icon had his legacy buried for years —until he decided to play Vince McMahon’s game.
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    Tilda Swinton Loves to Play With Bong Joon Ho“He’s so encouraging and welcoming of flights of fancy … he encourages us to just go there and to not second-guess even the most surreal ideas.”
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    To Fix the Broken Game of Thrones Pilot, HBO Called on Its Secret WeaponThe blockbuster dragon show may have never taken flight if not for the efforts of a trusted fill-in director.
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    When Real Life Is Scarier Than a Slasher MovieThe Friday the 13th franchise soothed a queer kid growing up during the panic of the AIDS epidemic.
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    Hear Tina Fey As a Suburban Mom With Mighty Literary AspirationsAn audio excerpt of the George Saunders story “The Mom of Bold Action” from his new collection, Liberation Day.
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    ‘What Do I Really Know About the ’80s?’Ralph Macchio lived in a 1980s bubble, positioned too far inside the era to be well versed on the enduring nostalgia for it.
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    Adapting Sesame Street for Russian TV — What Could Go Wrong?“Our preschoolers are much smarter than American children,” a professor insisted. “We will need a more advanced curriculum for the show.”
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    The Day Deadwood DiedHow a single phone call and “a clash of fucking egos,” as star Ian McShane put it, led to the abrupt end of the beloved HBO series.
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    What Happened When I Started Going Back to the TrackHow the TV series Luck coincided with the biggest disaster in David Milch’s life.
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    ‘Omar Became a Superhero Costume I Wore to Hide From Myself’As The Wire’s breakout character, Michael K. Williams felt invincible — leaving him vulnerable to his real-life demons.
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    An American Tail Was My Own Test of EnduranceDon Bluth went from box office hell to a meeting with Steven Spielberg and “the perfect story.”