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  1. rap music on trial
    Everything We Know About YSL’s RICO CaseYoung Thug and Yak Gotti were both denied bond on July 21.
  2. um…
    That Viral Dress Is Now Connected to an Alleged Murder AttemptKeir Johnston has been accused of trying to kill his wife, whom he appeared with on Ellen to explain the story behind the colorful debate.
  3. rap on trial
    Everything We Know About Sheff G and Sleepy Hallow’s IndictmentThe drill rappers were taken into custody on May 16 over allegations of gang activity.
  4. shoplifting
    Euphoria Star Chloe Cherry Is Facing a Retail Theft ChargeShe has been accused of stealing a $28 blouse at a store in her hometown.
  5. see you in coo-urt
    Michael Bay Really Doesn’t Want to Be Called a Pigeon KillerThe director has denied that any animals were harmed on his movie set in Italy.
  6. charges
    Squid Game’s O Yeong-su Indicted for Sexual MisconductO claims he merely held a woman’s hand to guide her around a lake.
  7. crime
    Ezra Miller Pleads Not Guilty to Their Least-Egregious ChargeMiller was charged with felony burglary of several bottles of their neighbor’s liquor in May.
  8. big surprise
    Cuba Gooding Jr. Won’t Have a Criminal Record for His Groping CaseSame as it ever was.
  9. true crime
    Adnan Syed’s Charges Dropped by Baltimore ProsecutorsA month after the subject of Serial was released from prison.
  10. the law
    Yellowstone Actress Charged With Workers’-Compensation Fraud Worth $96,000She allegedly began receiving disability five days after wrapping the show.
  11. charges
    Young Thug and Gunna Indicted on Gang-Related ChargesAlong with 26 other members and associates of YSL, which prosecutors called a “criminal street gang.”
  12. sexual harassment and assault
    Terry Crews’s Sexual Assault Claim Against Agent Sent to L.A. District AttorneyThe allegation against WME’s Adam Venit is reportedly “under review.”
  13. cleared
    Young Thug Cleared of Felony Gun and Drug Charges in GeorgiaThe rapper’s lawyers argued that the evidence was found without a proper search warrant.
  14. charges
    Prosecutors Won’t Press Charges Against Caitlyn Jenner for Fatal Car CrashShe still faces two civil suits.
  15. Is Bobby Shmurda a Gangster or Simply ‘Guilty for Where I Live’?How an Empire-like rise plays out in real life.