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Charles Ferguson

  1. vulture recommends
    New on Vulture Recommends: Some Escapist Fun From Inside Job Director Charles Ferguson“Dry British wit” really helps.
  2. chat room
    Charles Ferguson, Director of the Financial-Meltdown Doc Inside JobThe director talks about why his documentary is necessary, playing cat and mouse with interviewees, and how angry Matt Damon is at Obama.
  3. cannes 2010
    Damon Narrates a Ferocious Cannes DocOur take on the excoriating financial-services takedown ‘Inside Job,’ as well as foreign films ‘Aurora’ and ‘Rubber.’
  4. in the magazine
    ‘No End in Sight’ Director Tells You Who to Vote for in 2008Logan Hill spoke with Charles Ferguson about voting for president, the continuing coyness of Paul Bremer, and Iraq’s best hope: turning into Northern Ireland.