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  1. trailer mix
    Watch the Trailer for HBO’s Charlie Hebdo DocPremiering on September 19.
  2. At Gala, PEN Doubles Down and Defends Itself“The defense rests,” executive director Suzanne Nossel said. “And for those who didn’t want to be here and didn’t feel comfortable, tout est pardonné.”
  3. pen
    PEN President Andrew Solomon on Charlie Hebdo“If people want to boo, they should have the opportunity to boo.”
  4. literary criticism
    How and Why 35 Writers Denounced PEN Over Charlie HebdoDepending on how you look at it and whom you ask, the PEN protest unfolded with a level of planning somewhere between a targeted strike and, in the words of one writer’s tweet, “a shitshow.”
  5. ‘I Was Just Kidding!": Offensive Humor and the Benefit of the DoubtLast week, BuzzFeed reported that Jace Connors, the man who supposedly crashed his car on the way to terrorize feminist video game developer […]
  6. ‘Charlie Hebdo’ Will Print an Additional Two Million Copies of This Week’s […]The latest issue of French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo hit the stands today, and the three million copies sold out within minutes. The […]
  7. This Week’s ‘Charlie Hebdo’ Will Feature Prophet Muhammad CartoonsIn the wake of last week’s tragic terrorist attack, the surviving writers and artists of French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo are back at […]
  8. twitterverse
    J.K. Rowling Responds to Rupert Murdoch’s Tweets“I’ll auto-excommunicate.”
  9. political cartoons
    See Robert Crumb’s Tribute to His ‘Martyred Comrades’ at Charlie Hebdo “Showin’ solidarity.”
  10. seeing out loud
    Iconoclasm Now: Charlie Hebdo and the Lethal Power of ArtThe Paris attack is a reminder that powerful images have always been under threat. 
  11. Watch Conan O’Brien and Jon Stewart Dedicate a Moment to the ‘Charlie […]At the top of last night’s Conan, O’Brien dedicated a brief moment to the victims of yesterday’s terrorist attack at the Charlie Hebdo offices, […]
  12. last night on late night
    Comedians Address the Charlie Hebdo TragedyTina Fey also had some galvanizing thoughts.
  13. ‘The Onion’ Responds to the ‘Charlie Hebdo’ Terrorist AttackThe Onion has responded to today’s tragic terrorist attack at the offices of French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo with a new article titled […]
  14. books
    What Michel Houellebecq Represented to the Charlie Hebdo ShootersThe novelist-provocateur was the cover subject of the new issue of the magazine and has quite a long history of outraging Islamists.
  15. Former ‘Onion’ Editor on the ‘Charlie Hebdo’ Attack: ‘We Cannot Police Our […]“They cannot kill everyone who disagrees with them. There are not enough bullets in the world for that. The most responsible thing we can do is […]