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    Ian Harvie on His Standup Comedy Special and Why Everybody Is a Little Bit Trans“The moment that I say that I’m trans, I know that everybody’s eyes generally drop to my waist.”
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    Brandon Victor Dixon on Becoming Hamilton’s Burr“I’mma give them a straight Leslie Odom for a full week to create a false sense of security and then flip the script.”
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    Brian K. Vaughan Talks Saga, Diversity in Comics“I just feel like artists have a responsibility to be good.”
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    GOT’s Iwan Rheon on Ramsay Bolton’s Last Stand“Ramsay is kind of impressed by Jon, and what he did in the Night’s Watch, and the fact that he’s led an army to Winterfell.”
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    Outlander’s Caitriona Balfe on Claire’s Devastating Grief“It was a very quiet few days on set.”
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    How GOT Filmed the Dothraki Temple Fire Scene“We told them to lay off the hair spray that day. We were all like, ‘Watch your ponytail, guys!’”
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    How Laura Poitras Explored Spying and the War on Terror at the Whitney“Everything in the exhibition probably would have unfolded differently if it weren’t for the fact that I was put on a watch list.”
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    Santigold on Her New Album, 99¢“I literally laid out on the mattress with my Great Dane next to me, eating endless dark chocolate and writing these crazy songs.”
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    Gary Oldman on Acting in Video Games and the Power of CrowdfundingThe actor stars in the $90 million Star Citizen: Squadron 42 PC game, which was funded by fans.
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    Will Smith on Fearing Concussion, Playing Obama“This type of film is more of an ‘inconvenient truth.’ It was a different place for me.”
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    Christian Bale on The Big Short“Not being a good guy is not the same as being a bad guy.”
  12. Christian Bale on The Big Short“Not being a good guy is not the same as being a bad guy.”
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    Room’s Brie Larson on Charming Her Child Co-Star“I had never wanted to be accepted so badly by anybody as I wanted to be accepted by him.”
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    UnREAL’s Mary on Her Tragic, ‘Heartbreaking’ Scene“I cried for, like, three weeks.”
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    Zoe Kazan on What If, Romantic Comedies, and Kissing Daniel Radcliffe“I mean, [Daniel Radcliffe] and I aren’t Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel.”
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    Laura Dern on Growing Up With Bruce Dern, the Only Actor to Kill John Wayne“I saw his detached head roll down a staircase. I was 5!”
  17. the vulture transcript
    The Showrunner Transcript: Breaking Bad’s Vince Gilligan on Season Four and His Experiences on The X-Files“I was so naive about the business back then that when I’d watch the show and the legend at the beginning said, “Richmond, Virginia” I actually thought they sent a film unit to those places. That’s how stupid I was.”
  18. the vulture transcript
    The Showrunner Transcript: 30 Rock’s Robert Carlock on Working on Joey and His Dedication to Joke Density“The life of the show is that Jack becomes more of a person and Liz gets her act together. Beyond that, the real goal of the show is the moral education of Kenneth Parcel, the eventual discovery that he is immortal and the center for a reason we can’t begin to understand.”