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  1. regrets i’ve had a few
    Steven Soderbergh Wishes He Hadn’t Directed CheWow!
  2. chat room
    Che’s Benicio Del Toro on Faking an Asthma Attack’The problem with asthma is not that you can’t get air — it’s that you can’t exhale the air that’s in your lungs.’
  3. chat room
    Che’s Franka Potente on Working With Benicio, Peeing in the JunglePotente spoke with Vulture about working with Soderbergh and her upcoming book on fitness for slackers.
  4. looking out for number one
    When Should You Take Your Bathroom Breaks During Che?An illustrated guide to making it through all four and a half hours of ‘Che’ without befouling yourself.
  5. trailer mix
    If You Like These 2 Minutes of ‘Che,’ Then You’ll Love the Other 238As the trailer attests, real revolutionaries don’t need no stinking bathroom breaks.
  6. long movies
    IFC Films Buys All Four Hours of ‘Che’And they’re releasing it via on-demand cable, so you can pee.
  7. countdown
    ‘Che’ Coming to a Theater Near You, If You Live Near Lincoln CenterThe New York Film Festival announces its lineup.
  8. trailer mix
    ‘Che’ Trailer Promises We’ll See This Movie ‘Proximamente’Multiple shots of dudes marching through fields suggest a slightly more meditative pace than we like in our four-hour epics.
  9. countdown
    Is Steven Soderbergh’s ‘Che’ Headlining the New York Film Festival?A blogger finds intriguing evidence weeks before the festival’s lineup is announced.
  10. the early-evening news
    Oprah Now 7 Percent Less OmnipotentPlus: Rooster McConaughey finally gets his own reality show, and Quentin Tarantino announces plans to make the fastest movie ever.
  11. countdown
    Is ‘Che’ This Year’s ‘Southland Tales’?Last night’s Cannes premiere of Steven Soderbergh’s four-hour biopic of Che Guevara seems to have been something of a fiasco.
  12. the early-evening news
    Miley Cyrus to Sink Every One of Her Fifteen Years of Life Experience Into MemoirPlus: Take the Uwe Boll challenge, and the ‘Blair Witch’ guy finally makes another movie.