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Children Of Men

  1. chat room
    What Clare-Hope Ashitey Learned About America From Seven SecondsThe star of Netflix’s new crime drama talks about police violence and the justice system.
  2. the vulture transcript
    The Vulture Transcript: Alfonso Cuarón on Children of MenIn a long discussion, the director touched on everything from climate change and Picasso’s Guernica to his frustrations with Universal Pictures and the global rise of right-wing populism.
  3. This Stunning Shot in Children of Men Was Completely an AccidentIf only we could all make these kinds of mistakes. 
  4. How Children of Men Became a Dystopian MasterpieceThe overlooked 2006 film gets more relevant with every passing day.
  5. new on streaming
    What’s New on HBO: September 2016Larry SandersHigh Maintenance! The Revenant!
  6. dystopian tv
    Lifetime Orders Scripted Dystopian Thriller The Lottery to SeriesFrom Children of Men writer Timothy J. Sexton.
  7. tube junkie
    Alfonso Cuarón’s New Movie Is Six Minutes LongIs there an Oscar for Best Propaganda?