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  1. backstories
    ‘Every Movie Is a Coming-of-Age Movie’: A Conversation About My Father’s DragonThe screenwriter and director of Cartoon Saloon’s latest, My Father’s Dragon, break down three pivotal scenes.
  2. his favorite shapes
    Julio Torres Wrote a Children’s Book About a Plunger That Wants to Be a Vase“Because, well, why not?” he said.
  3. obits
    The Very Hungry Caterpillar Author Eric Carle Has DiedHe was 91.
  4. keeping up with the ex-royals
    Meghan Markle Wrote a Children’s Book Inspired by Archie and HarryAwwwww.
  5. tributes
    Viola Davis, Reese Witherspoon, Other Bookworms Pay Tribute to Beverly Cleary“You made my childhood fun.”
  6. obits
    Beloved Children’s Author Beverly Cleary Dies at the Age of 104Cleary wrote over 40 novels during her decades-long career, including The Mouse and the Motorcycle and her eight-book Ramona Quimby series.
  7. children’s books
    Paul McCartney Is Trying to Make ‘Green Submarine’ HappenIt’s a children’s book, but still.
  8. dr. seuss
    6 Dr. Seuss Books With Racist Imagery Pulled From PrintingA panel of educators and experts reviewed the catalog to make these decisions.
  9. quack
    Bette Midler to Write Kid’s Book About the Wind Beneath the Hot Duck’s WingsDid you ever know that you’re my mallard?
  10. bunnies!
    Twist! Mike Pence’s Daughter Loves John Oliver’s Gay Rabbit BookBut what does daddy think?
  11. last night on late night
    John Oliver Wants You to Buy His Gay Rabbit Children’s Book Instead of Pence’sBuy it for any child you know, or just to annoy the vice president.
  12. movies
    Margot Robbie and Elizabeth Banks to Adapt Paper Bag PrincessElizabeth Banks will direct the feminist children’s book.
  13. This Video Reveals the Real Reason Dr. Seuss Wrote Under That Iconic NameHe had to take on the new moniker to keep cartooning.
  14. cute things
    Migos Rap Kid’s Book Over ‘Bad and Boujee’ BeatYour new favorite lullaby.
  15. milo yiannopoulos
    Authors, Artists Protest Milo Yiannopoulos Book“With contracts in place, we do not have to quietly accept or assent to this ‘Gleichschaltung.’”
  16. sweet dreams
    Let Dreamy Tom Hardy Tempt You Into Bed With an Adorable StorybookWhy, yes, his cute dog is there for the bedtime story, too.
  17. the strategist
    I Listen to Children’s Audiobooks During My CommutePodcasts and carefully curated playlists can help smooth a commute, but there’s a better medicine out there: audiobooks for kids.
  18. The Hungry Little Spider: A Children’s Book by Barry Delmar Ph.D, Head of […] There once was a little spider, and his name was Barry. He was the cutest little spider of them all. One evening Barry the little spider woke […]
  19. books
    How Seuss’s Editor Helped Finish His Lost BookWhen his widow found the sheets of a complete book, What Pet Should I Get?, Random House’s Cathy Goldsmith was charged with figuring out how to publish the work.
  20. Jimmy Kimmel Starts His Own Children’s Book ClubJimmy Kimmel always wanted to be part of a book club, but due to the demanding length of novels he never got the chance until last night, when […]
  21. story time
    An Evening With Emma Thompson and Peter RabbitThe Oscar-winning actress spoke to Vulture and read from her new kids book, The Spectacular Tale of Peter Rabbit.
  22. lost art
    Lost Chapter of Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Released“Crazy old Wonka!”
  23. children’s books
    Bruce Springsteen Is Writing a Children’s BookFor kids and dads!
  24. B.J. Novak’s First Children’s Book ‘The Book Without Pictures’ Will Be […]Last year, Office writer/star and Mindy Kaling’s BFF B.J. Novak signed a two-book deal with Knopf and announced a forthcoming collection of […]
  25. adaptations
    Kathy Bates Will Star in The Great Gilly HopkinsFind me a brassy 11-year-old girl!
  26. children’s books
    2013 Caldecott, Newbery Awards AnnouncedKid books!
  27. childrens books
    See Children’s Book Versions of R-Rated MoviesHal looks so cute in crayon!
  28. the british
    There’s a Paddington Bear Movie on the HorizonTime to stock up on marmalade.
  29. Maurice Sendak Doesn’t Disappoint in Part 2 of His Colbert Report Interview Can we start a letter-writing campaign to The Colbert Report’s producers to have Maurice Sendak be Stephen’s permanent co-host? No, you know […]
  30. Maurice Sendak Schools Stephen Colbert on Newt Gingrich and Nude Dreams In this Colbert Report segment, Stephen turns to Maurice Sendak for advice on crafting his own line of celebrity children’s books. Who knew […]