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Chocolate Rain

  1. carly rae jepsen
    Watch Chocolate Rain Guy Cover ‘Call Me Maybe’What, you’re surprised?
  2. tay zonday
    Watch the Chocolate Rain Guy Sing About the EconomyOccupy Wall Street finds its voice in the Chocolate Rain dude.
  3. clickables
    Watch the Boyz II Men Remix of ‘Chocolate Rain’This one goes out to Cookie Monster.
  4. last night’s gig
    ‘Chocolate Rain’ Man Tay Zonday Performs Other Songs, TooWas it the Giants game or the promise of “Chocolate Rain” that drew the crowd to Greenpoint’s Club Europa last night?
  5. the early-evening news
    Hilarious Doug Morris Interview Now a Hilarious Web ComicPlus: Conan O’Brien the world’s greatest boss?
  6. trailer mix
    ‘Quarterlife:’ Like ‘LonelyGirl15,’ Except FakerEven Tay Zonday is laughing at this.
  7. tube junkie
    Big in Japan: ‘The Butt-Biting Bug Song’We’re not sure why, exactly, but in Japan “The Butt-Biting Bug Song” is more popular than “Chocolate Rain,” the Star Wars kid, and LOLcats combined.
  8. tube junkie
    Tay Zonday, Under the Covers In less time than it used to take to download the Hampster Dance on a dial-up modem, Tay Zonday’s musical epic “Chocolate Rain” has spawned thousands of cover versions, reimaginings, and recontextualizations.