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  1. comedy audit
    Chris Fleming Breaks His Silence on Deirdre BeaubeirdraIs Jamie Lee Curtis’s Everything Everywhere All at Once character a poor man’s Sick Jan? We asked the expert.
  2. last night on late night
    Jack Antonoff Didn’t Care for All Your Little Quarantine Hobbies“There’s a culture of people who make sourdough. And when the pandemic hit, how do they feel?”
  3. comedians you should know
    For Chris Fleming, No Good Idea Is Too Absurd“I’m still very much alone making things, terrified that people won’t relate to them.”
  4. follow friday
    Chris Fleming Finally Reveals His Hair Routine“It kind of gives me this Madame Bovary–cocker spaniel type vibe.”
  5. keep comedy weird
    Three Delightfully Weird and Funny Videos for Your Viewing PleasureChris Fleming, Carmen Christopher, Lorelei Ramirez are keeping weird comedy alive.
  6. Chris Fleming Is Ready to Go Legit I was patched into a conference call with comedian Chris Fleming, who was curious as to why our interview was even taking place. “I got an […]
  7. Here’s Why Chris Fleming Is Afraid to Talk to MenChris Fleming is a noted mad man and, I think, genius. This video is proof. Renowned for his portrayal of mom, Gayle Waters-Waters, Fleming […]