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  1. trailer mix
    Watch the Latest Huntsman: Winter’s War TrailerMetal mirror on the wall.
  2. first looks
    First Official Look at Hemsworth in GhostbustersLook at him point!
  3. Chris Hemsworth Returned to Host His Second ‘SNL’ of the Year In terms of hunky leading men hosting Saturday Night Live, this week’s episode hosted by Chris Hemsworth wasn’t nearly as strong as last […]
  4. saturday night live
    Saturday Night Live Recap: The Hemsworth Charm OffensiveDon’t worry, Chris Hemsworth: You’re still a hunk. 
  5. box office
    In the Heart of the Sea Sinks Like a StoneThe massive Moby-Dick-inspired film flopped with a measly $11 million this weekend.
  6. the hemsworths
    Hemsworth Brothers Chris and Liam Are in an Instagram War, and Everyone WinsBros will be bros.
  7. snl
    Watch Chris Hemsworth’s SNL PromosWe can picture Hemsworth in a kangaroo pouch now.
  8. Leslie Jones and Chris Hemsworth Hang Out Outside 30 Rock in This Week’s […]Chris Hemsworth returns to SNL this weekend for his second hosting stint, and NBC just released the first round of promos featuring Hemsworth […]
  9. visual effects
    How In  the Heart of the Sea’s Mammoth Whale Was Brought to LifeDirector Ron Howard and visual-effects supervisor Jody Johnson talked through the creation of a key shot.
  10. roll clip!
    Chris Hemsworth Tried to Go Incognito at a Prison, Failed Miserably“Come spend some time in my cell, baby!”
  11. awww
    Chris Hemsworth Paid Off His Parents’ DebtsWhat a mensch.
  12. insta-hunk
    Chris Hemsworth Tried a ‘Lost at Sea’ DietHe is Thor no more.
  13. saturday night live
    Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Will Host SNL TogetherThere is joy in the world after all.
  14. Chris Hemsworth’s Huntsman Movie Gets Terrible New TitleIt’s now called The Huntsman: Winter’s War.
  15. trailer mix
    See the New Trailer for In the Heart of the SeaThis will be the harpoon-iest movie of 2015.
  16. ghostbusters
    Your First Look at Chris Hemsworth in GhostbustersHe’s wearing glasses!
  17. that d
    All About Chris Hemsworth’s Vacation Dick The filmmakers had to find a bigger prosthetic for the Thor star after he made the first one look too small.
  18. trailer mix
    Watch The Dressmaker Trailer With Kate WinsletUnforgiven with a sewing machine.”
  19. Chris Hemsworth Will Play the Receptionist in Paul Feig’s ‘Ghostbusters’ […]The all-lady Ghostbusters team just hired their receptionist. Director Paul Feig revealed on Twitter last night that Chris Hemsworth has […]
  20. the industry
    Hemsworth Will Battle Phones in GhostbustersHe is the Receptionist.
  21. trailer mix
    See the Vacation Red-Band TrailerStarring Chris Hemsworth’s massive you-know-what.
  22. Amex Hitched Their Wagon to ‘SNL’s Parody of Their CommercialIf you watched Chris Hemsworth’s SNL episode live last weekend, you probably noticed that the pre-taped commercial parody spoofing the very […]
  23. ‘SNL’ Review: Walking Tall with Chris HemsworthOne of the bigger frustrations for those of us following SNL’s 40th season is that, despite the show’s ongoing ups and downs, this current […]
  24. overnights
    SNL Recap: Hemsworth Not Upstaged By ChickenThe first-time host exploded into the studio like a Norse creature of myth.
  25. Kate McKinnon and Chris Hemsworth Attempt the ‘Dirty Dancing’ Lift in […]Chris Hemsworth makes his SNL hosting debut this weekend, and NBC released the first round of promos featuring Hemsworth and Kate McKinnon, who […]
  26. saturday night live
    Chris Hemsworth Is a Dirty Dancing Death Trap in SNL PromosWatch out, Kate McKinnon.
  27. Chris Hemsworth Will Host Saturday Night Live on March 7Mark your calendars!
  28. Chris Hemsworth to Host ‘SNL’ March 7thNext month’s first SNL host has been revealed. NBC announced today that Chris Hemsworth is set to host SNL Saturday, March 7th with musical […]
  29. movie review
    Movie Review: BlackhatStarring Thor as a hacker.
  30. last night on late night
    Chris Hemsworth Basically Did a Wet-T-Shirt Contest on FallonThere was a dance too.
  31. candy
    Harrelson Learns the Hemsworths Are BrothersHe just didn’t put it together.
  32. trailers
    Watch the Trailer for Ron Howard’s Whale Movie In the Heart of the SeaThis will surely be your dad’s favorite movie of the year.
  33. trailer mix
    Blackhat Trailer: In Hollywood, Hackers Look Like Chris HemsworthWho needs a fancy hammer when you have a laptop?
  34. Charlie Day and Chris Hemsworth Join ‘Vacation’ Reboot Starring Ed HelmsIt’s been a while since there was an update on the long in-the-works Vacation reboot starring Ed Helms as Rusty Griswold, but today THR reports […]
  35. oscars 2014
    Chris Hemsworth Will Announce the Oscar NomineesThursday is soon!
  36. you may now kiss the bride
    Chris Hemsworth Kissed a Natalie Portman Impostor at the End of Thor 2Portman wasn’t available for the scene, but they had a perfect alternate.
  37. brothers
    The 2013 Hemsworth Power Rankings: Round 2Look out, Chris.
  38. superheroes
    Why the Newest Superhero Movies Can’t Seem to Make Their Actors Into SuperstarsChris Hemsworth, Andrew Garfield, Chris Evans, and Henry Cavill have an awareness problem.
  39. movie review
    Movie Review: Thor: The Dark WorldNatalie Portman and Tom Hiddleston co-star in the latest Marvel sequel.
  40. brothers
    The 2013 Hemsworth Power Rankings: Round OneIt’s Chris vs. Liam, for the battle of best brother.
  41. movie review
    Movie Review: RushChris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl star as rival Formula One racers.
  42. trailer mix
    Thor: The Dark World Trailer: Thor Returned for Us and Natalie PortmanIt hits theaters November 8.
  43. trailer mix
    Thor: The Dark World Trailer: It’s a Dark, Dark, Dark, Dark WorldThere’s more Thor in store for us.
  44. trailer mix
    Rush Trailer: Too Fast, Appropriately FuriousChris Hemsworth can drive my car — beep-beep, beep-beep, yeah!
  45. casting couch
    The Third Hemsworth Brother Got a Movie!Great!
  46. casting couch
    Michael Mann Lines Up a Thriller, Casts Chris HemsworthIt’s about “cyber threats and attacks.”
  47. the industry
    Warner Bros. Interested in Howard for Whale TaleRon Howard is in early talks for a movie based on a Nathaniel Philbrick book.
  48. movie review
    Movie Review: Red Dawn, Red Yawn, Red DumbJohn Milius’s original looks like an Akira Kurosawa masterpiece next to this latest iteration.
  49. casting couch
    Chris Hemsworth Considering American AssassinBy Vince Flynn, a thriller novelist after Glenn Beck’s own heart.
  50. opinions
    An Argument for Liam, the Better HemsworthSorry, Chris.
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