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Chris Meloni

  1. alternative casting
    Can You Imagine Chris Meloni in Six Feet Under?Rolling Stone has a comprehensive new oral history.
  2. chat room
    WHAS’s Christopher Meloni on Humping the Fridge“There comes a time in every kid’s life where they have to learn facts. I thought it was important they watch me enjoy the fridge.”
  3. exclusive clip
    See Chris Meloni Pitch Oz Ideas for His Fox ShowFun with sodomy and sex crimes.
  4. chat room
    Chris Meloni on Man of Steel and Almost Shooting His Stunt DoubleRelax, everyone’s fine.
  5. vampires
    Chris Meloni on Trading His SVU Badge for True Blood FangsEveryone still wants to shake his hand.
  6. true blood
    Watch the Second Trailer for the New Season of True BloodWelcome back to Bon Temps!
  7. chris meloni
    Watch Chris Meloni Warn Against Slip ’N SlidesThink of it as Law & Order: Backyard Fun Unit.