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  1. spoilers
    Why This Is Us Jumped Far Into the Future to Meet Kate and Toby’s SonAnd how they found the right actor for the role.
  2. whoops
    Chrissy Metz Denies Calling Alison Brie ‘Bitch’ on Golden Globes Red CarpetThe evening’s strangest controversy took shape before the ceremony even began.
  3. chat room
    Chrissy Metz on Her This Is Us Wedding and the Process of Letting Go“Jack will be forever in Kate’s heart, but she had to make room for Toby.”
  4. The Evolution of Fat Women on TVFrom Friends to This Is Us.
  5. golden globes 2017
    Chrissy Metz on Her This Is Us Golden Globe Nom“There were times where I was like, Maybe I’m not gonna be able to do this.”
  6. the tv industry
    Chrissy Metz Clarifies Her Contract Weight Loss“I was pitched that the trajectory of Kate is that she’s going to lose weight.”
  7. tv
    Chrissy Metz on Contract-Mandated Weight Loss“I, as Chrissy, want to do things that mentally, emotionally and physically make me the best that I can be.”