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  1. sanctuary
    Margaret Qualley and Christopher Abbott on Their Dominatrix ThrillerThe friends talk about their highly choreographed psychosexual farce Sanctuary and their roles in Yorgos Lanthimos’s forthcoming Poor Things.
  2. movie review
    Jerrod Carmichael Has Already Outgrown On the Count of ThreeHis feature directorial debut is a dark comedy about suicide that works more than it doesn’t, but still feels like a blip in a career that’s moved on.
  3. movie review
    Possessor Is a Spectacularly Violent Sci-Fi Thriller From David Cronenberg’s SonBrandon Cronenberg claims more territory on behalf of Canadian sci-fi and horror in his second film.
  4. Why Christopher Abbott Read Catch-22 Twice Before Filming“It’s a plethora of knowledge and backstory about these characters and this world.”
  5. trailer mix
    Trailer: George Clooney, Christopher Abbott, Assorted Hotties Caught in Catch-22Watch it May 17.
  6. a closer look
    Let’s Talk About the Torture Scene in PiercingChristopher Abbott and director Nicholas Pesce talk vulvic wallpaper and dream logic.
  7. podcast review
    Sandra Is a Tech Thriller for the Age of Siri and AlexaBut as a podcast, it’s jarringly incomplete.
  8. the industry
    Girls Actor Christopher Abbott to Star in Hulu’s Catch-22 Limited SeriesGeorge Clooney will executive produce and co-direct the six-part show.
  9. fear factor
    How Scary Is It Comes at Night?Don’t believe what you see in the trailers.
  10. Post-Girls Christopher Abbott Owns James WhiteA Girls guy gets his break.
  11. movies
    9 Things to Know About the Beautiful James WhiteThe movie that brought Christopher Abbott and Ron Livingston to the New York Magazine elevator bank.
  12. movie reviews
    Christopher Abbott Carries the Sublime, Dreamlike James WhiteYou know, Charlie from Girls.
  13. promising performances
    The 6 Star Turns of Sundance 2015A much-deserved spotlight on actors and actresses whose work had the Utah movers and shakers thinking big.
  14. fallout
    Christopher Abbott’s Girls Departure Had a ‘Huge Effect’ on the Show“It’s almost as if we skipped [Marnie’s] third season.”
  15. Christopher Abbott Leaves ‘Girls’ After Conflict with Lena Dunham Christopher Abbott, who plays Marnie’s on-again, off-again boyfriend Charlie on HBO’s Girls, has left the series following creative […]
  16. exits
    Christopher Abbott Quit GirlsHe “didn’t like the direction things are going in.”
  17. chat room
    Christopher Abbott on Nice Guys and Girls Revenge Plots“I would love for Charlie to be some sort of a spy.”
  18. party chat
    What Does the Girls Cast Sing at Karaoke?“Born to Run,” “Who Will Save Your Soul” … “Faithfully”?
  19. exclusive
    Watch an Exclusive Hello I Must Be Going ClipThey make out.
  20. chat room
    Girls’ Charlie on His Drippy Sex Scenes“I’m not as big of a talker as Charlie. I keep my mouth shut. Or at least I would if I were him.”
  21. inquiring minds
    Ask Girls’ Christopher Abbott AnythingVulture is interviewing him tomorrow.