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Claire Underwood

  1. backstories
    The House of Cards Team Wrote Their Final Season. Then They Wrote It Again.How the writers’ room regrouped (and killed off Frank Underwood) in the wake of the Kevin Spacey allegations.
  2. trailer mix
    House of Cards Season 6 Trailer: Meet Your Commander-in-GriefIt’s Madame President to you.
  3. teasers
    House of Cards Teaser: ‘The Reign of the Middle-Aged White Man Is Over’Claire Underwood’s gone gangster.
  4. first looks
    See Robin Wright Take Charge on the Set of House of Cards’ Final SeasonShe’ll lead both the White House and the show when it returns this fall.
  5. house of cards
    Here’s How the 2016 Election Played Out on House of CardsSpoiler: It doesn’t end in 2016!
  6. God Bless the Underwoods: In Praise of Heel CouplesThe pleasure of rooting for villains in love. 
  7. gifcap
    GIFs of That Scene From House of Cards’s 11th Ep“Sexy” spoilers ahead, beware.