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  1. fanfiction
    Chris Evans Steps Into His Tap Shoes As Gene Kelly in Upcoming FilmDoes that not sound like the Wattpad fanfiction of a classic Hollywood fan’s dreams?
  2. book excerpt
    How Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant Filmed One of the Sexiest Scenes of All TimeBehind the intimacy of Notorious.
  3. close reads
    What Does It Mean for a Rape Scene to Be ‘Done Well’?After watching the brutal sexual violence in The Nightingale, I started to think about what we can learn from classic Hollywood depictions of rape.
  4. obits
    Doris Day, Golden Age Hollywood Icon, Dead at 97She acted, she sang, she did it all.
  5. classic hollywood
    8 of the Craziest Old-Hollywood Publicity StuntsIncluding shaving women’s heads in busy movie theaters and hiring lewd skywriters.
  6. old hollywood
    Where Were All the Pregnant Women in Classic Movies?In Old Hollywood movies, thanks to a conservative, male-generated Production Code, having a baby was an exercise in innuendo.
  7. classic hollywood
    How the Dishy Documentary Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood Got MadeDirector Matt Tyrnauer on how he found “pimp to the stars” Scotty Bowers, and the stories that got cut.
  8. The 10 Essential William Holden PerformancesIn time for what would be his 100th birthday, celebrate the classic Hollywood icon by watching his greatest work.
  9. Odds Against Tomorrow Is a Hidden Noir Gem That Considers Anti-Black RacismThe Harry Belafonte–produced and starring film subverts and complicates what came before it.
  10. Rose Marie on Telling Off Sexual Harassers in the 1950s and Tweeting“I said, ‘You son of a bitch, you couldn’t get it up if the flag went by!’”