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Cobra Kai Season 4

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    Cobra Kai Season-Finale Recap: The Cobra Strikes BackCobra Kai’s finale feels like a culmination of four seasons’ worth of storytelling —  every friendship, relationship, and rivalry gets its due.
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    Cobra Kai Recap: Dirty DancingThe first half of a two-part season finale reminds us about all the relationships and conflicting motivations that make this a fight worth fighting.
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    Cobra Kai Recap: Fast Times at West Valley HighThe season ramps up by reopening old wounds of love triangles past and showcasing the best and worst of Johnny.
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    Cobra Kai Recap: Revenge of the NerdIt’s maybe not the best time for Johnny to break the news to Miguel that he’s dating his mom.
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    Cobra Kai Recap: Valley GirlsIn the aftermath of the dojo schism, Cobra Kai focuses on important character development.
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    Cobra Kai Recap: The Last Spar-FighterDaniel v. Johnny. Winner takes all the students.
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    Cobra Kai Recap: The Little MermaidMiguel and Daniel are growing a little too close for Johnny’s comfort.
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    Cobra Kai Recap: Trading PlacesThe established sensei-student relationships get flipped, and new lessons are learned.
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    Cobra Kai Recap: The UnteachablesAn even younger generation of potential karate kids gets their introduction.
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    Cobra Kai Season-Premiere Recap: When Johnny Met Daniel …The premiere asks the all-important question: What does a LaRusso-Lawrence dojo entail?
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    New Legends Are Born and Old Enemies Return in Cobra Kai Season 4 TeaserThe soul of the valley is on the line in the All Valley Karate Championship.