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Coca Cola

  1. still the 80s
    You Can Blame Soda Brands for the Rise of Product Placement in EntertainmentCoke’s 1982 acquisition of Columbia Pictures inspired the soda giant to double down on product integration.
  2. reunited and it feels so good
    ‘Mean’ Joe Greene Reunites With 1980 Coke Ad KidMean Joe Greene? More like Extremely Nice Mean Joe Greene!
  3. mad men series finale
    Original Coca-Cola Ad Man Stopped Watching Mad Men After Season 2“I don’t care. I didn’t see it.”
  4. the hunger games
    Watch a Hunger Games–Inspired Coca-Cola CommercialKatniss, now sponsored by soda.
  5. exclusive
    A Diet Coke–Based Series May Be In the Works From Two King of the Hill AlumsSays an insider, “This is definitely not an ad. For now it’s just … content?”
  6. soda wars
    Simon Cowell Reportedly Prefers Pepsi to CokeHe’s hoping the soft drink will sponsor ‘The X-Factor.’
  7. art
    Andy Warhol Canvas Of Coke Bottle Sells For Over $35.36 MillionThe piece was sold at a Sotheby’s auction, ten million dollars higher than the expected price
  8. money
    K’Naan Has Poor Grasp on Meaning of the Word ‘Integrity’“This was a really great opportunity for them to use my song, without compromising my integrity as a musician.”