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  1. bowen fan club
    Bowen Yang Is a Deflated, Distraught Chinese Spy Balloon in SNL’s Cold Open“I entertain you people for four days, and then get shot by Biden? Can’t believe I’m Joe’s Osama.”
  2. citizen saul
    A Deep Dive Into Better Call Saul’s Colorful Cold OpenCo-creator and writer Peter Gould and director Michael Morris break down the Easter egg–packed scene that kicks off the final season in style.
  3. snl
    The SNL Cast Looks Back On the Past Year in This Week’s Cold Open“We went from doing very weird shows at home to terrifying shows in person.”
  4. snl
    Everybody and Their Mother Is in This Week’s SNL Cold OpenCute!
  5. snl
    Minnesota News Anchors Agree to Disagree in SNL Cold Open“Let’s just say, we’ve seen this movie before …”
  6. snl
    This Year’s Super Bowl Has Something for Everyone in SNL Cold Open“We’re going to pass it, then we’re going to run it, and when they have the ball, we’re gonna stop it.”
  7. snl
    Alex Moffat Makes His Debut As SNL’s Newest Joe Biden“Joe, you look different somehow.”
  8. snl
    Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx Answer All Your Vaccine Questions in SNL’s Cold Open“We’re doing this vaccine World War II style. We made England go in first see what’s what and then we’ll swoop in at the end and steal the spotlight.”
  9. snl
    SNL Cold Open Takes On Michigan Election Hearing“I’m not lying. I signed an After David.”
  10. snl
    Jim Carrey’s Joe Biden Claims Victory on SNL Cold OpenFinally.
  11. snl
    Play Biden Bingo on SNL’s Cold OpenMalarkey!
  12. last night on late night
    It’s a Tale of Two Town Halls in SNL’s Cold Open“I’d like to start by tearing you a new one.”
  13. last night on late night
    Joe Biden and Herman Cain Have a Turf War Over Mike Pence’s ScalpIn this week’s SNL cold open.
  14. roll clip!
    Watch the Cold Open of TWD’s Mid-Season PremiereGuns out.