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  1. chat room
    Comedy Bang! Bang! The Podcast: The Book: The InterviewScott Aukerman talks about becoming Scott Authorman.
  2. live from new york
    Saturday Night Live Should Have More Dumb Sketches Like ‘Lisa From Temecula’The character represents both Ego Nwodim and the show at the height of their glorious silliness.
  3. harris’s foam book
    Comedy Bang! Bang! Podcast to Perform in Character As a BookComing April 2023 wherever you find books (not podcasts).
  4. this month in comedy podcasts
    This Month in Comedy Podcasts: The Kardashians Are Giving Cult, With Meg IndurtiRounding up our favorite comedy-podcast episodes of the month.
  5. rankings
    The 103 Best Characters in Comedy Bang! Bang! HistoryRanking the most lovable, demented, and disgusting figures from Scott Aukerman’s beloved podcast.
  6. podcasts
    Comedy Podcasts Stay HomeHosts and producers are quarantining like the rest of us, but they’re finding creative ways to continue making funny episodes.
  7. there will be podcasts
    The 10 Essential Comedy Podcasts That Shaped the GenreThe story of comedy podcasts is actually pretty funny in itself.
  8. this week in comedy podcasts
    This Week in Comedy Podcasts: Comedy Bang! Bang! Celebrates 10 Years in 10 HoursScott Aukerman and friends are having a very special week.
  9. anniversaries
    23 Comedy Bang! Bang! Guests Reveal Their Favorite Moments From the PodcastCelebrating ten years of Scott Aukerman’s podcast with John Mulaney, Reggie Watts, and more.
  10. Brett Gelman’s Classic “iBrain” Bit Helped ‘Comedy Death-Ray/Bang Bang’ […]Pod-Canon is an ongoing tribute to the greatest individual comedy-related podcast episodes of all time. The 35th episode of Comedy Bang […]
  11. ‘Comedy Bang Bang’s “Best of 2017” Is Another Worthy Entry into an […]Pod-Canon is an ongoing tribute to the greatest individual comedy-related podcast episodes of all time. For pretty much any other podcast, […]
  12. The 10 Best Comedy Podcasts of 2017The world didn’t give us much to laugh about this year, but comic podcasters certainly did .
  13. The First-Ever Episode of ‘Comedy Death-Ray’ Is an Embryonic Look at a […]Pod-Canon is an ongoing tribute to the greatest individual comedy-related podcast episodes of all time. Comedy Bang Bang recently celebrated […]
  14. ‘It Has Provided Me with So Much Joy": Read This Oral History of ‘Comedy […]To celebrate today’s release of the 500th episode of Comedy Bang! Bang!, The Daily Beast posted a great new oral history of the show and its […]
  15. vulture festival 2017
    Comedy Bang! Bang! Is Coming to New York for Vulture FestivalLive at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.
  16. stoner viewing
    Could T.J. Miller’s The Gorburger Show Be Your New Comedy Bang Bang?Talk show format + Reggie Watts + absurdity + stoner vibes = possibilities.
  17. netflix originals
    Michael Bolton’s Big, Sexy Valentine’s Special Is Here to Put You in the MoodMichael Bolton’s Big, Sexy Valentine’s Day Special is now streaming.
  18. Check Out Some Deleted Scenes from the Final Season of ‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’Scott Aukerman’s Comedy Bang! Bang! ends its impressive 110-episode run on IFC tonight, and today the network released a bunch of deleted […]
  19. farewells
    Watch Nick Kroll on Comedy Bang! Bang!’s FinaleIn character as Fabrice Fabrice.
  20. chat room
    Scott Aukerman on the End of Comedy Bang! Bang!After five seasons, Aukerman is wrapping up his podcast-based TV series. But what’s next?
  21. The Triumph of ‘Comedy Bang Bang’ and the Rise of Comedy Geek Culture I happened to be watching The Ben Stiller Show for a column I write about 1990s comedy when I read the tweet from Scott Aukerman that after […]
  22. farewell
    Comedy Bang! Bang! to End After Season 5On IFC.
  23. Scott Aukerman Says ‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’ Will End After Season 5Sad news, Comedy Bang! Bang! fans. On Twitter today, Scott Aukerman announced that after five seasons (110 episodes total), his IFC show will […]
  24. The Now Hear This Fest Brings 30+ of Your Favorite Podcasts Together The first annual Now Hear This podcast festival is taking over Anaheim October 28-30, 2016, bringing together 30+ of the biggest podcasts in […]
  25. How Gillian Jacobs Helped Turn the Late Garry Marshall Into an Unlikely […] Pod-Canon is an ongoing tribute to the greatest individual comedy-related podcast episodes of all time. If Garry Marshall’s career began […]
  26. tribute
    Paul F. Tompkins: Impersonating Garry Marshall Felt Like Spending Time With Him The comedian on what drove him to impersonate the director for almost a decade.
  27. The Best Comedy Sketches of 2016 (So Far)It’s not only “Farewell, Mr. Bunting!”
  28. Scott Aukerman and Weird Al Meet During Wartime in This ‘Comedy Bang! […]It seems like only yesterday that Comedy Bang! Bang! was just a baby on IFC, but Friday marks a very special milestone for Scott Aukerman and […]
  29. Nathan Fielder Is a Master Salary Negotiator on ‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’Here’s a clip from this week’s episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! featuring special guest Nathan Fielder, who you’d think would give Weird Al […]
  30. The Incredible Chemistry of ‘Comedy Bang Bang’ For fans of podcasts, since 2009 Scott Aukerman’s Comedy Bang Bang has been at the center of the auditory comedy universe. And while there […]
  31. The Lonely Island and the ‘Oh, Hello’ Guys Appear on This Week’s ‘Comedy […]Season 5 of Comedy Bang! Bang! kicks off on IFC tomorrow night, and in case you’ve already watched the premiere, the network released a sneak […]
  32. Watch the Season 5 ‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’ Premiere a Week EarlyComedy Bang! Bang! returns with a new season next Friday, but today IFC released the entire premiere on YouTube. The episode features new […]
  33. A Guide to Tim Heidecker’s Post-’Awesome Show’ Years Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! has cast a long shadow over the comedy world in the 2010s, especially when it can still seem like every […]
  34. ‘Comedy Bang Bang’ Is the Jam Band of Comedy On May 11th, I had the fortune to see the traveling carnival of mirth and merriment that is the Comedy Bang Bang live tour when it hit the […]
  35. ‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’ Returns on June 3rd with The Lonely Island, Nathan […]Comedy Bang! Bang! returns to IFC this June with a brand new season and bandleader, and today the network confirmed the premiere date and huge […]
  36. Behold the First ‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’ Promos with Weird Al YankovicComedy Bang! Bang returns to IFC this June with new bandleader Weird Al, and today Yankovic released two new promos for the season on his […]
  37. The ‘Kid Detectives’ Episode of ‘Comedy Bang Bang’ Was a Wonderfully […] Pod-Canon is an ongoing tribute to the greatest individual comedy-related podcast episodes of all time. A giddy appreciation of childhood […]
  38. Scott Aukerman Announces a ‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’ Tour with Lauren Lapkus, […]Scott Aukerman is going on tour with some Comedy Bang! Bang! pals. Aukerman revealed today that he’s taking Comedy Bang! Bang! on the road for […]
  39. comics talk to comics
    Ben Schwartz Talks to Paul F. Tompkins“To me, the making each other laugh is the by-product of it. But the main thing is, how can this get sillier and funnier?” 
  40. Weird Al Yankovic Is the New ‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’ BandleaderKid Cudi appeared in his final Comedy Bang! Bang! episode as bandleader back in December, and today, Scott Aukerman announced the […]
  41. wonderful news
    Weird Al Joins Comedy Bang! Bang! As Co-HostProduction starts today on CBB’s fifth season.
  42. Bring Out the Girls with This Animated Don DiMello ‘Comedy Bang Bang’ ClipRight in time for the holidays, Reddit user geewhizpro created an animated clip featuring Andy Daly’s beloved Comedy Bang Bang creep Don […]
  43. year in culture 2015
    The 10 Best Comedy Podcasts and Comedy Podcast Episodes of 2015Which network will have more on the list: Earwolf or Maximum Fun?
  44. Last Night’s ‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’ Finale Was Kid Cudi’s Last EpisodeComedy Bang! Bang! wrapped up its fourth season on IFC last night, and on Twitter both Scott Aukerman and Kid Cudi revealed that it was also […]
  45. Reggie Watts Gives a Crash Course in Late Night Bandleading on ‘Comedy […]This week on Comedy Bang! Bang! will see the glorious return of a very special guest: Scott Aukerman’s former sidekick and current Late Late […]
  46. zom zom zom zom
    Walking Dead’s Kirkman Has 18 Terms for ‘Zombie’Everyone on the show walks, you know. “Not Runners” would be more accurate.
  47. Scott Aukerman Learns Who His Real Father Is on ‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’Here’s a clip from tomorrow’s new episode of Comedy Bang! Bang!, where Scott Aukerman meets with his parents Burt and Barbara (Dave Thomas and […]
  48. ‘Farts and Procreation’ and the Transcendent Power of SillinessPod-Canon is an ongoing tribute to the greatest individual comedy-related podcast episodes of all time For people not on its peculiar […]
  49. chat room
    Emmys Writer Scott Aukerman on the Show’s Changes and His Own NominationHe writes letters, he writes sketches, he writes awards shows.
  50. ‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’ Takes on ‘The View’ Tomorrow Night with Some Help […]Here’s a sneak peek from tomorrow’s episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! featuring a ton of special guests, from a less than enthusiastic Weird Al […]
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