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Comic Con 2011

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    Watch the Trailer for Conan’s Imaginary Flaming C MovieIn case you missed it
  2. comic-con 2011
    Justin Timberlake Wore a Sesame Street Disguise at Comic-ConBut was he Bert or Ernie?
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    Comic-Con’s Weirdest Sights, Captured by Paul ScheerSee a wrinkled Silver Surfer, a Segway-riding Flash, and a sad stab at PR by Lando Calrissian.
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    Watch the It’s Always Sunny Cast Lead a ‘Dayman’ Sing-along at Comic-ConFighter of the night man, etc.
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    The Dueling Snow White Filmmakers Came Face to Face at Comic-Con“I met them, wished them luck. Didn’t mean it.”
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    Graduating Glee Actors Might Not Leave After All“If you have Lea Michele under contract, you don’t say, ‘We’re gonna let you go.’”
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    Rhys Ifans Gets in Comic-Con ConfrontationBut the ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ actor wasn’t arrested, reps say.
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    Andrew Garfield Channels Kristen Stewart in Spider-Man Comic-Con ClipsAnd why that might be a good thing.
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    Watch a ‘Deleted Scene’ From Lost That Debuted at Comic-ConStarring Jacob and the Man in Black.
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    Justin Timberlake Stays Alive at 25 in Comic-Con’s In Time TrailerWatch it.
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    Watch Andrew Garfield’s Earnest Spider-Man Speech at Comic-Con“He’s saved my life.”
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    The Biggest Problem With the Tintin Movie Might Be Tintin HimselfAt the Comic-Con panel, he wasn’t looking so good.
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    Kate Capshaw Really Wanted Steven Spielberg to Direct American BeautyShe threatened to leave him if he didn’t direct it.
  14. comic-con 2011
    Bill Condon Was Not Ready for Your Screaming, Twilight Fans“I was surprised by all the screams. I was!”
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    Robert Rodriguez Tells Vulture About Machete in Space, Sin City 2, and Fire and IceAt Comic-Con, the director gives us the skinny on all his outrageous new sequels.
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    What is Prometheus? Ridley Scott Unveils Footage at Comic-ConTears! Cheesecake! Space eggs!
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    Nicolas Winding Refn Will Lie to Get Christina Hendricks to Play Wonder WomanWarner Bros., let Refn make his Wonder Woman movie!
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    Lost Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse Were ‘Fighting’ on TwitterIs it all a Comic-Con goof?
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    Breaking News from the Twilight Panel: Robert Pattinson’s Back Muscles are Impressive’Breaking Dawn’ also features a hilarious sex-preparation montage.
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    Meet Vulture’s Guide to Comic-Con’s Weirdest Sights: Paul ScheerAs he departs for SDCC with his camera, he picks the five most bizarre things he’s seen in years past.