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Coming To America

  1. deep dives
    How Coming to America Flipped the Script on Eddie Murphy’s CareerThe film would influence so much of what Murphy did in the years to follow — and continue to have a hold on contemporary audiences.
  2. casting
    Wesley Snipes, James Earl Jones, and Rick Ross Are Coming to AmericaPlus Beale Street’s KiKi Layne, with SNL’s Leslie Jones in talks to join.
  3. Jonathan Levine and Kenya Barris Are Working on a ‘Coming to America’ […]A sequel to the 1988 Eddie Murphy comedy Coming to America is in the works at Paramount. According to Variety, the studio has hired Black-ish […]
  4. delayed sequels
    3 Decades Later, We’re Getting a Coming to America SequelFrom the creator of Black-ish and the director of 50/50.
  5. coming to america
    A Chinese Company Might Buy Huge Paramount StakeBut Viacom’s internal legal squabbles might intercede.
  6. coming to america
    China Just Made a Big Leap Into HollywoodChinese money can now dictate details of American blockbusters explicitly, not just on the consumer end.
  7. coming to america
    X Japan Is Slumming It at Madison Square Garden“I live a double life. It can be very strange. Though I like having a country to go where I can buy groceries and no one notices.”
  8. coming to america
    The Morrissey Autobiography Is Coming to the U.S.Merry Christmas, Love Morrissey.
  9. clickables
    Read a Yelp Review for the Restaurant From Coming to AmericaSometimes the Internet does things exactly right.