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  1. obits
    Ryuichi Sakamoto, Oscar-Winning Composer, Dead at 71A pioneer of electronic music.
  2. remembrance
    The Composer Who Made Sense of David LynchAngelo Badalamenti’s music helped audiences find the utter sincerity of Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks, and more.
  3. rip
    Synth God Angelo Badalamenti Dead at 85The Grammy-winning Twin Peaks composer collaborated with David Lynch on a number of his projects, including Mulholland Drive.
  4. music notes
    The White Lotus Score Is Definitely Trying to Make You AnxiousComposer Cristobal Tapia de Veer breaks down how he translated the HBO series’s “Hawaiian Hitchcock” vibe into its wild, haunting soundtrack.
  5. q&a
    A Long Talk With James Newton Howard, Hollywood’s Most Versatile ComposerHe’s written music for Pretty WomanThe Sixth Sense, The Dark Knight, and more. After a long career, he can admit when he’s been a bit of a diva.
  6. the lost canon
    It’s Time We All Heard the Music of Lili BoulangerOne of France’s great composers, she was ignored because she was a woman who died young.
  7. new music
    What’s That Sound? In Ashley Fure’s Compositions, It Could Be Almost Anything.Twanging aircraft cables? Crinkly paper moved by speaker vibrations? Sure.
  8. the simpsons
    The Simpsons Fires Its ‘Secret Weapon’ Composer After 27 Years on the ShowAlf Clausen wrote the music for all your favorite songs.
  9. keeping score
    Angelo Badalamenti Tells the Stories Behind 5 Twin Peaks SongsI would say, ‘David, how much slower can I play it?’ ‘Play it slower.’”
  10. batfleck
    Hans Zimmer, Unsatisfied with Batfleck, Really Misses Christian Bale’s Batman“The Batman that I know and the one I learned is the one that Christian did, and Ben plays it differently.”
  11. keeping score
    Alexandre Desplat Picks Post–Rogue One ProjectGoing from deep space to … even more deep space.
  12. comic-book movies
    Hans Zimmer Doesn’t Need This Shit, Won’t Score Any More Superhero FilmsBatman v Superman will be his last.
  13. keeping score
    Carter Burwell on His Coen Bros., Jonze ScoresSpike Jonze and the Coen Brothers’ composer of choice details his process.
  14. keeping score
    Alexandre Desplat on 5 of His Great Movie ScoresWith two new films that he composed the music for out in recent weeks, we asked Desplat to share stories behind five of his most well-known scores.
  15. composers
    Hans Zimmer Tells Juicy Stories About the Classic Films He’s ScoredHow does he feel about all those trailers that copy his Inception score? “Oh, it’s horrible!”