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  1. safe sex
    Issa Rae Promises to Make Condom Use More Apparent on InsecureFan criticism might actually affect season three.
  2. tag-along
    Condom Hunting (for Five Hours) With Actress Halley FeifferWe collected 474 condoms.
  3. David Sedaris on Giving Out Condoms at ReadingsDavid Sedaris is just great. He writes in his diary every day and follows Japanese fashion and he brings gifts to the teenagers who come to his […]
  4. branding
    Ke$ha, Now Pioneering Collector’s Edition CondomsKe$ha, the prophylactic. Makes sense.
  5. extra large list
    Magnum Condoms in Rap Lyrics, a Cheat SheetLudacris, Lil Wayne, and Biggie shout ‘em out