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  1. superlatives
    Usher on His Most Enduring and Misunderstood Music“It’s a sore spot for me. I ain’t even lying.”
  2. the jinx
    Robert Durst Admits to Writing the Tip-Off Letter in Susan Berman’s MurderIn The Jinx, Durst said the letter was something “only the killer could have written.”
  3. confessions
    Ted Leo Shares a New Song and a Heartbreaking Story of Childhood Sexual AssaultHe discusses his past assault and his new album, The Hanged Man, in a new profile.
  4. confessions
    Robert Durst Might Have Been on Meth During Filming of HBO’s The JinxHe allegedly claimed to be “swooped” and “speeding” during tapings for the acclaimed miniseries.
  5. confessions
    Justin Bieber Apologizes for Being ‘Arrogant’On something called Fahlo.
  6. sex crimes
    7th Heaven Dad Admits Molestation, ExposureOn a tape obtained by TMZ.
  7. Letting My Parents Know, by Blake HendersonMom. Dad. Thanks for meeting me here. I’ve wanted to talk to you about this for years, but I’ve just been pushing it off. I don’t even know […]
  8. Oh My God, I Have Seen 319 Episodes of Degrassi: The Next GenerationYes, that’s every episode.
  9. confessions
    Everyone Makes Up Songs About TV Shows, Right?Right? Guys?
  10. tv review
    Seitz on Lance and Oprah: The Sadomasochistic Ritual of the Celebrity ApologyJust a couple of pop culture juggernauts protecting their brands.
  11. confessions
    Conan the Barbarian Screenwriter Explains What It Feels Like to Write a Flop“It can all seem very grim.”
  12. liza minnelli
    Liza Minnelli Just Waiting on the Call to Play Lucille 2 in an Arrested Development MovieIn the meantime, she’s heading to Indiana.
  13. Please Don’t Judge Me, But I’m Sort of Excited About Jackass 3DSo Weezer’s new video is basically a trailer for Jackass 3D. And as someone who is not that into Weezer and is also supposed to be a […]
  14. confessions
    Usher Just Romancing Whichever Ladies His Songwriters Tell Him ToSays the guy who made him get a divorce: “I could tell he was going through some very strenuous things. I thought it would be relatable to where he was at.”
  15. precious
    In Support of Precious, Tyler Perry Reveals His Own History of Abuse“She put the key inside of herself and told me to come get it.”
  16. confessions
    Confirmed: Rick Ross Once Had a Real JobMonths after it was proven with photos, documents, and a Social Security number, Rick Ross has finally admitted he was once a prison guard.